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Consumer-Centric Marketing puts the consumer at the core of all it all.

We help and make sure your marketing message is both true and relevant to your consumer group.  Marketing without segmentation is like job hunting without a career.

Not all brands speak to all markets. Some brands need to be dusted off, while other brands may need to be reinvented, and sometimes, retire.

Through market research and creative partners we assist in getting the job done, before the budget runs out.


At KURK we like to work with other SMEs and entrepreneurs.


We assist with the full process to ensure your brand is trade ready.

Projects can be customised to your business need,

but ultimately to that of the consumer

– Pack shots

– Lifestyle Shots

– Sensory Product Review

– Objective & Accurate Taste Note Scripting

– Graphical Taste Note Design

– Virtual Tasting & Branding Videos


National Distribution Management:


You cannot be everything, to everyone.

@KURK we help assess the market in comparison to your brand and then work closely with your distribution partner to ensure your product ranges are available.


Distribution is not a warehouse & wheels function, but an extension of your marketing and brand image.

Producing a product without marketing, is like winking at a girl in the dark

Nobody but you will know about it


Wine Tastings & Shows

We will gladly represent your brand at wine tastings and shows.


At KURK we employ young marketing enthusiasts and provide them with the required skills to enter the workforce.


A double whammy...


Job Creating & Marketing

The brand home remains a crucial part of marketing.

In a world where consumers are less involved with real people, the need to be involved with brands are increasing daily.


Home brands, tourism and events provides an escape from the daily routine.


Also visit: StukkieKaap


Can we please just stop the begging?


Government Funding is decreasing across all industries. The need for NGO projects to generate funds is at an all time high, but this really does not make if okay to beg.


We will assist you in organizing fundraisers where your guests and sponsors can see their investment.